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【招生简章】BNU Philosophy Summer School
BNU Philosophy Summer School
Chinese Thought and Modern China
July 10-20, 2015
School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University
      In order to understand a nation and its people, one needs to be fully immersed in its particular culture and understand its values and mindset. China, for the last five thousand years, has developed as a profound civilization characterized by a rich diversity of philosophical thought, a humanistic spirit and moral values. Chinese culture embraces wholeheartedly the ideas of benevolence (ren), and “taking the people as the root” (minben民本), which together shape Chinese understandings of sovereignty, difference, justice, integrity, harmony and consensus. These ideas have been crystallized into the mindset and behavior of Chinese people over countless generations. At the same time, these universal values are crucial for China’s capacity to cope with various challenges, such as problem of the environmental crisis, wars, and disparity between the rich and the poor. In order to enable young people all around the world to get in touch with Chinese culture, understand its contemporary situation and foster exchange and communication in and out China, the School of Philosophy of Beijing Normal University will hold a BNU Philosophy Summer School. The 2015 session will be entitled ‘Chinese Thought and Modern China’. Several world famous philosophers have confirmed their participation in the summer school and have developed thought-provoking lectures, carefully designed to meet the expectations of young and curious students from every corner of the world. We believe our summer school will leave a profound impression on all the participants and deliver promising results for us all.

PS:The teaching language: English
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